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Our Madeline Island Vacations Family Welcomes You!

We understand what makes a vacation home right for you. We make it our business to find a vacation rental that meets all of your needs and goes above and beyond your expectations. By providing the finest in vacation rentals we can ensure that your vacation is a success no matter where you decide to stay.

Current Conditions on Madeline Island
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Madeline Island Vacations Welcomes You!
Madeline Island is a crowned jewel in Lake Superior’s sparkling clear blue water.  As the largest island in the archipelago of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; Madeline Island is a brief twenty-minute ferry ride from Bayfield, Wisconsin.  Madeline Island Vacations invites you to explore this pristine area; and, we invite you to plan a relaxing vacation! We offer hotel and motel lodging options along with other vacation rentals including Lake Front Homes, Condos, Cabins Nestled in the Woods and many more!
Madeline Island Vacations Welcomes You!
A Unique Blend of Nature & Culture 
Madeline Island truly is about getting in touch with nature.  We are a relaxed community... once you board the Ferry in Bayfield you are "On Island Time"!  Take time to unwind, decompress and leave your cares on the mainland.   You will notice that even though there are cars on Madeline Island we have no stoplights!  This is part of the charm; and, we hope it stays that way forever!   Come and visit; this could by your plans for a late day in June:  Wake up in the morning, have a cup off coffee in town... next find yourself taking a two hour hike on the Board Walk connecting our beautiful Town and State Parks... that evening enjoy a locally produced meal at Farmhouse... in the evening you find yourself overlooking the marina and Madeline Island Golf course listening to a string quartet concert sponsored by the Madeline Island Music Camp. 
A unique blend of nature & culture.
Explore Our History
Who were the first settlers?  How man flags have flown over our Island?  Who is Radisson?  Who is Grossier?  Who is Chief White Crane?  Who did name this Island?  Who is Equasayway?  All of these; and, many more questions are what Madeline Island is all about.  We invite you to come and visit... not simply as a tourist... come visit, engage, talk to the locals and learn about the history of this historic place... 
Explore Our History.


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